We empower contact centres to build happy, high-performing teams.

By collaborating with your People function and placing talent at the heart of everything we do, our team becomes your team.

Our Extended Family

We build real, lasting relationships with our clients, which is why we’ve got a 100% retention rate – we’re not after something casual!

Ready to start your talent search?


We’ve worked in internal recruitment, large agencies, and RPO solutions. We’ve taken all the good bits from each and ditched the rest.


We live and breathe the contact centre scene, so we intuitively know whether clients and candidates will be the perfect match.


We have a superb network, which helps us find talent fast. We help you reach the best people, whether you’re a household name or the new kid on the block.


We help our clients create a happy, supportive and high-performing culture because we understand the value of engaged teams.

How we work

To attract talent in the contact centre industry, you have to move fast. Our process is all about finding you the right people before your competitors get there:

Optimising your talent search

We use your job spec to optimise every level of our search, from creating laser-targeted ads to leveraging our extensive network for high-quality recommendations

Understanding your needs

We embed ourselves into your People function and culture, so when we speak to candidates, we instantly know whether or not they’re right for you

Selecting your candidates

We only send candidates for interview if we’re completely confident they’ll be a fantastic match for you – that’s why our candidate-to-interview success rate is sky-high

The proof of the pudding is in the eating

Pure Recruitment have been a massive support to us on a range of different recruitment activity from entry level contact centre roles to Heads of Department, HR and others! The team feel like an extension of our company, we really trust them and they really get what we’re about. As well as introducing us to great talent, they bring a lot of added value with their unrivalled industry knowledge. I can’t recommend them enough.

Matt Davies, HR Business Partner, Target Group

We have loved working with Sarah and Katie throughout the process of growing our Cardiff office from scratch. They really took the time to understand our culture and values and this was so clear when interviewing the candidates they put in front of us. The numerous candidates we have hired through Pure are professional, the best at what they do and perfectly aligned with our business values. It’s no surprise that employees found by Pure have progressed quickly into leadership roles and have taken on new challenges within our fast growing business. 

If anything else a conversation with Sarah or Katie simply brightens my day – they’re always there to listen, advise and just have a general chat about anything or everything. They are so passionate about what they do and take pride in their work and this shows in the quality of our team now – they truly are a pleasure to work with and I’d recommend them to anyone! Keep smashing it guys!

Fay Pantry, Talent Partner, Capital On Tap

Sarah and Katie are a total breath of fresh air to work with, if we didn’t have Pure Recruitment by our side recruiting would be a totally different challenge.

Our culture and values are really important, and it’s refreshing to be supported by an agency who take the time to listen and get to know what that means. Pure have introduced us to talent that really compliment our workforce and the quality has been way over and above just technical skillset.

There is a genuineness and authenticity when speaking to Sarah and Katie, I really value the human to human approach, no hidden agendas just straight up good people. Pure have truly become an extended part our own team and highly regarded across the business.

Amy Lewis, HR Business Partner, Sonovate

Pure are a breath of fresh air, they have been in the contact centre industry for many years. They really understand the business, both challenges and positives. They work at pace and represent our brand effectively. They are a personable bunch and therefore speaking to them is always a pleasure and never a chore!

Amy Foat, HR Manager, FirstSource

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